Engineering Risk

The Engineering Risks insurance provides “All Risks” coverage, which guarantees the Insured indemnity in the event of physical damage resulting from accidents occurring at the risk location or construction site and caused to the project by any cause, except for the excluded perils, thus guaranteeing the repair of the covered losses.

This insurance can be contracted by an individual or entity, which may be the owner, the financer, the builder, or the assembler, who has a legitimate insurable interest.

Main Coverages:

Additional coverages:

ALOP – Advanced Loss of Profits

Loss of Expected Profits – guarantees the loss of revenue of the project resulting from the delay in the start of operations due to a claim covered by the Engineering Risks insurance.

DSU – Delay in Start Up

Specific policy in the Transport Insurance portfolio that covers the loss of revenue due to the delay in the start of operations resulting from the non-delivery of the goods due to a transport accident.

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