General Civil Liability


This insurance covers the reimbursement of amounts spent on compensation for involuntary property damage and/or bodily (plus pain and suffering) injury caused to third parties as a result of sudden and unexpected accidents occurring at the insured’s premises or third-party locations resulting from:


It guarantees the reimbursement of indemnities arising from the insured´s liability upon accidents suffered by its employees, while on duty and which result in death or permanent disability.

Contingent Risks – Non owned land vehicles

It covers risks arising from accidents caused by vehicles that are not owned by the insured company when they are proven to be at the service of the insured.

This coverage is intended to protect the interests of the insured and does not, under any circumstances, cover damages and losses to the vehicles themselves or to the people at the insured´s service.

Sudden Accidental Pollution

It covers damages caused to third parties resulting from accidental sudden pollution through emissions or leaks of pollutants identified and stopped up to 72 hours after the start of the event.


Coverage for amounts that the Insured is obliged to indemnify by agreement or court decision, due to damage caused to third parties by defects in products manufactured, sold, or distributed by the company.

Product recall

Coverage for the Insured’s expenses arising from the withdraw of actually or allegedly defective product(s) manufactured or supplied by the company from the market to avoid the occurrence of damages to third parties.

Services Rendered at Third Party Locations

It guarantees the reimbursement of indemnities paid for damages that the employees of the insured may cause during services rendered at third-party locations (outside the insured´s premises).

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