Property Risk

Provides coverage for buildings, facilities, machinery, furniture, fixtures, goods, and raw materials, including third-party assets held by the insured and insured’s assets held by third parties.

Main types of insurance

Multi-risk Policy

Also known as Comprehensive Business Insurance, this type of policy is intended for commercial, industrial, and service companies.

Since it is a policy with a wide range of coverage, it can be assembled according to the insured needs. It is mandatory to contract the basic coverage (fire, lightning and explosion) and at least one optional coverage.

Named Perils

This type of policy is intended for large companies with the objective of covering material damage to facilities and business interruption. The scope of coverage is “named” upon the covered perils deemed relevant by the insured.

Operational Risks (All Risks)

This product is intended for large companies and the coverage offered is called “All Risks” for its scope of coverage, although there are uncovered perils expressly excluded.

Business Interruption

It covers losses due to the interruption of the company’s activities as a result of an accident covered by the property damage policy and aims to guarantee the financial situation of the company, industrial or commercial, in the event of any claims covered by insurance and that disturb its business.

Basic Coverage:

Additional Coverage:

Miscellaneous risks

Miscellaneous Risk Insurance aims to meet the specific needs of coverage for machinery and equipment, mobile and stationary.

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